The Power of the Breath

Breath Work is an ancient practice made famous by Yogis, Zen Buddhists and Sufi Mystics. This ancient spiritual is now gaining more popularity in the modern world. In this documentary we hear people's life changing accounts of using Breath Work to revitalise their health, cure disease and find their life purpose.

Breath Hub is the ‘’World’s Largest Breathwork Community’’ with a fast growing, guided breathwork app. The app is for people who want to practice breath work; achieve sustainable health and wellbeing but do not want to go through the process of trying to find a breath worker or pay thousands of dollars to a session. Breath Hub is an app that can be easily accessed from anywhere, anytime, at a much lower price. Unlike other wellness apps, they focus specifically on breathwork. 



Written, Directed & Edited by Michael Hoad

Cinematography by

Soner Metin