Shoguns of Gymbox

A Short Film for the London Gym Chain Gymbox Ltd

Three female martial artists are training in Gymbox Elephant and Castle. A gang of thugs from local karate dojo confront them and try to push them off the bench press. The girls stand up to them and a mass brawl ensues with a number of other gym users getting dragged into the fight. The thugs chase them around the gym whilst the girls fight them off trying to escape. They're finally cornered in the Spin studio by the thugs for a final showdown. 


Michael Hoad


Michael Hoad, Garbriela Cunha Viana, Hannah Curtis-Nunn


Soner Metin


Corinne Holt, AJ Blackwell, Jon Callaway, Danny Darwin, Fran Katz, James Unsworth, Sorel Metin, Divon Ball